cheeters big fast strong hungry fourias crazy

dogs fast nuety small big cute very playful

cats small crazy very cute


today i am talking about couplets so couplets are like ryms exsept there things that somthing and do
a funny rym dog can jump a log dog sat in bog and went for a jog

Antthletics day

Athletics day is a day that you do sports there are sprints


athletics is a fun thing that we do it on monday tuesday and wendsday it is very fun and intresting i love donig the sprints sometimes i winraces and lose racers i also like wacthing peope race and race when its athletics day i just run and don't look bak  on athletics day i win evry race thers more then just sprints thers hi jump and siser jump and herdils but my favorite is sprints

little garden

Hi my name is hayden im gonig to tell you about little gardens liittle gardens are small containers that you can get from the super market super market as in new wourld you can get vegies and plants you can get seeds they are so fun they grow bi soil they take along tim to grow

Aotaeroa Day

on munday we had a aotaeroa day we had ice blocks they were delishes  there were white ones oringe ones and purple ones they went down farst we watched the curper houker group it was intresting the pearents came to watch we did the rauko with mrs prokter we gave away the nekkisis and had a shaerd lunch it was so crowded in there i played soccer at lunch noahs dad played soccer i played with carter and olly and noah ashdone and lockey